The owners of S~A~V~E are retiring to Mount Pleasant and closed the WILLETTS McKinney store April 26th.

Willetts has honored our commitment to be the 2019 Dallas Quilt Show Platinum sponsor--which was very productive--especially with the Juki and Koala products.

Twelve years ago when S~A~V~E purchased Willetts, we were the only Sewing And Vacuum store in McKinney. Today in McKinney, there are five stores selling at least six brands of sewing machines. Nevertheless, we grew the business year after year--becoming a top 10 Janome dealer and a top 35 Janome dealer in 2018. However, to continue to grow and provide the high level of service we offered, S~A~V~E needed to expand. We have been trying for more than four years to get Janome to let us open two more stores. In February, Janome fired their long-time Texas rep and immediately approved another dealer. S~A~V~E has yet to be notified why Janome made this decision. As a loyal Janome dealer for more than FIFTY YEARS--their decision provoked us to close the McKinney store and cease doing business with Janome. We are still a JUKI sewing, embroidery, and quilting dealer.

Thanks for your patronage for the last 12 years.


Walter and Janet

Our contact information:
Phone: 972.542.6061 (between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. CST)